Do you love...

  • Schlock horror movies - with plenty of twists
  • Roleplaying horror games - that are fast & fun
  • Creating stories - that surprise at every turn

Then you'll love Slaughter, the horror movie making game.

Slaughter is a card-based storytelling game.

It’s half tabletop game, half role-playing game… all fun!

What IS Slaughter?

A bloody good fun Horror Game!

Slaughter is a NEW BREED of storytelling game. It's fast, fun and super easy to learn!

Slaughter card-based horror game where you and your friends collaboratively spin outrageous horror movies. Every story is unique. Every story wildly imaginative.

Using the innovative Slaughter Adventure Decks, you will create any horror movie you can image - and even more that you can't.

Best of all, it's DEAD EASY

You'll create truly memorable stories that you'll want to share.

In Slaughter, you and your friends get together and “jam” a horror movie script. 

During the game, you’ll use cards to quickly build the cast, and then kill them off in deliciously horrible ways. 

Everyone gets involved in the creation of the movie’s storyline, using the cards to prompt the twists and turns and scares.

Slaughter is incredibly fast to set up and play horror game. You can get stuck into a game in less than five minutes!

Since the rules are so easy (everything is on the cards), and the game is such sinful fun, it’s a great way to introduce new friends into tabletop and role-playing gaming.

Make any movie YOU want

If you’ve seen a horror movie, chances are you’ll be able to recreate it in Slaughter! 

Slaughter comes with two essential decks of cards:

  • Death Stalks - from slasher movies to predatory monsters on the loose!
  • Surviving the Horde - from zombie apocalypses to alien infestations

Each deck provides all of the elements - the tropes - of a specific genre of horror movie.

You can also add extra card decks that provide new tropes for different movies.

Best of all, you can mix and match cards from different decks and create truly original horror game events! 

What do gamers say?

"I don't normally like horror games... but I love this game!"

"The best horror game ever!"

"Fun. Fast. Easy to Learn!"

Starter Edition Boxed Set Double Feature

Help us Kickstart the best horror game fun... with the boxed set!

What's in the BOX?

Complete horror game boxed set features unlimited horror movie thrills!

Two Complete Essential Decks for

  • Surviving the Horde - zombie movies, alien infestations, rampaging vampires or machines come alive... will you make it to the dawn?
  • Death Stalks - a serial killer is on the loose, something escaped from the crate, a mutant is taking is revenge... one by one, you'll all die.

Boxed Set Includes:

  • Rule book
  • 280 cards
  • 28 characters
  • 4 player Spotlight Stages
  • Center Stage
  • Director's Stage
  • Quick-game sheets with 12 ready-to-go horror movie ideas for your games!

Surviving the Horde

"What would you do to survive?"

Alien swarms! Zombies! And everything in between. 

This essential Slaughter adventure deck gives you everything you need to create gripping survival horror movies.  

Take a small group of strangers. Force them into a claustrophobic location. Surround them by vast numbers of deadly, potentially infectious, creatures hell-bent on killing. The Horde. 

But it is not just the monsters that offer horror. It's how our differences and infighting overcome us... and ruin our chances of survival. Will characters sacrifice each other in a misguided effort to survive themselves?  

Good people do terrible things for survival - and we are all very quick to give up our humanity.

Surviving the Horde: everything you need for great zombie games that with turn you into an shambling, undead horror junkie!!!

"The secret to survival? Cardio."

Surviving the Horde keeps the tradition of apocalyptic horror films alive and kicking and screaming! 

This is a game of survival of the fittest... will you be the last?

Death Stalks

"You will all die... one by one... bwhahahaaa!"

A crazed killer is on the loose! An ancient evil best left undisturbed has awakened. A monster from another world is hunting. No one is safe.

One adventure deck - ten thousand grim stories of horror and bloodshed!

This essential Slaughter adventure deck gives you unlimited options to weave stories where a hidden and seemingly unstoppable killer picks off victims, one by one.   

In classic “slasher” movie style, the Death Stalks adventure deck starts with our hapless cast in peaceful and relatively familiar, though isolated, environment. 

While the cast knows and (supposedly) cares for each other, dark secrets lurk. As the story unfolds the superficial pleasantries and friendly smiles give way to base human flaws and vices. 

Beneath everything good, lurks death and pain.

Death Stalks: the perfect kit for slasher horror games!

"Stick together or split up?"

Death Stalks keeps the tradition of slasher films alive and kicking! 

Everyone is a suspect. Trust no one. Will you make it through the night? 

Additional game expansions

Even more horror movie tropes to mix and match your own horror game madness!

Classic 90's slasher... a rich family, an island retreat, and bloody revenge. Every family has its secrets.

Undead vikings invade a quaint English coastal village. Dark magic. Keep a stiff upper lip.

Trust no one. From invasion of the body-snatchers to toxic takeover, dial paranoia up to 11.

From old houses and bunkers to creepy space stations and fun parks... something evil dwells here.

Exclusive to early backers

Australian indie body-horror special feature deck. Yuppy campers face unspeakable Aussie mutant horrors in this DNA-twisting bloodbath.

Triple feature Mega Pack

Three teen horror movie pack: start with a school science experiment opening the gates of hell...

... then move to a bloody battle royal for daemonic entertainment in the hell-dimension...

... before unleashing the underworld on earth!

Never before has there been such bloodshed unleashed on highschoolers!

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